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KitKat Ramadan Gift Box 18 Pieces

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In stock

“Perfect gift idea”

Nezz - Melb, NSW

Share a break this Ramadan.

We're delighted to continue our special limited edition Ramadan chocolate gift boxes. Each box contains 18 individually wrapped chocolate Ramadan figures, filled with a delicious crunchy, chocolatey centre.

Tasting notes: 

Enjoy the satisfying crunch of crispy wafer pieces, perfectly conbined with a smooth, melt-in-your-mouth milk chocolate center.

Perfect for:

Gifting or sharing. 

Product Information
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SKU KK Ramadan 198g
Weight 198.0g

Contains Milk. May contain Tree Nuts. 

Storage Keep it safe! Store in a cool, dry place.
Know Your Portions 18 serves per pack
Country of Manufacture Italy
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